Organizing In Style

Organizing in Style 😉

We’ve all had it happen to us. In this crazy, fast-paced world, it’s just inevitable. Disorganization.

For the loving mom who’s all about being the “fun, cool mom,” it’s toys scattered everywhere. (“Last time I checked, there was a carpet under the Barbie dolls and stuffed bunny rabbits, right? …Right?”)

For the office worker “working hard for da money,” it’s an office or cubicle overflowing with contracts/ paperwork/ invoices/urgent phone messages. (“I know I put my favorite Golden Girls coffee mug somewhere…those file folders don’t have teeth, do they?”)

For the teacher making a difference in the lives of children everywhere, it’s the desk chock full of the delightful goodies – from the thoughtful pictures students draw for you to the random garbage that students will pick up off the floor and joyfully if not proudly hand to you. (As a teacher myself, I have first-hand experience with this one. Oh, to get a broken paper clip and used staples from the future leaders of our world. It really does make one exhausted teacher’s day.)

Whatever your organizational dilemma may be…

Feel secure knowing you are not alone in this ongoing battle.

We are in it together.

And yet another dilemma arises when you decide to climb out of the piles of toys, emerge from the columns of paperwork, venture from your teacher’s desk, and go to buy some storage units and items that will hopefully help you win this battle over the “d” word. (That’s disorganization, by the way.)

And you realize that for a mere $29.99 plus tax, your life can be radically changed by an awesome…box. Or, for just 10.99 plus tax, you can now place your pens and scissors in a delightful…cup. Yea, I’m thinking the same thing. I don’t want to be spending over thirty dollars to simply store the stuff that I already spent too much money on… And I’ll find a better place to keep my dollar-store pens than that fancy over-priced cup thank you very much.

But thank goodness for…duct tape projects to the rescue!

With some simple, usually free or low-cost items and a roll or two of our favorite thing in the world – duct tape! – you can make your organizational worries fly out the window with some functional boxes, cups, and trays.

And you can do so in style. Oh yeah.

So whether organizing a playroom, desk, classroom, or office space, here is some cool ideas and duct tape projects for your enjoyment. You’re welcome. 🙂 First, find some good, sturdy cardboard boxes. Some grocery stores give these away for free. Just be sure to stick with boxes that came from bready-type products such as cereal or, ya know…bread. We don’t want to give Barry the Stuffed Bunny chemical poisoning from a Lysol box, now do we?

You can also use old shoe boxes or even some jewelry boxes for smaller items – or for that matter any of those empty boxes you’ve been saving for some reason. See, you can prove to all those people who’ve been calling you a hoarder that there is some sanity to your hoarding. Just a little.

Once you’ve gotten your boxes all ready to go, it’s time for the duct tape! For playrooms, you may want to help the children pick out their favorite colors or patterns that match their personalities and hobbies. (Please see videos below for instructions.)

Also, if you want to spring for some thrifty but nifty dollar-store alphabet stickers, you can put children’s names on these toy boxes. Even if you have just one child, displaying his or her name on these toy and storage boxes can develop a sense of ownership and encourage kids to be more responsible in cleaning up after themselves. Hey, look at that, duct tape projects can be functional and character-building! Parent of the year award, here we come!

For older children, you may want to include them in this duct tape project. Simply assist them in lining the duct tape up properly to make straight edges along the box. You can cover the outside of the box with the duct tape and find inexpensive liner paper for the bottom of the boxes.

In organizing your desk, classroom, or office space, box lids also come in handy to be used as paper trays, assignment collectors, picture-keepers, and mail baskets. Pick bright colors or cheerful themes that will make you smile as you look at the daunting pile of paperwork and/ or unpaid bills in front of you. Happy colors are good. Just think happy thoughts, right?

Here’s a short video to help guide you in your storage-box-making endeavor:

Here’s a longer video for more complex duct tape projects:

(Warning, this project may not be for the faint of heart. It’s pretty intense!)

Also, tissue boxes are another fun and free (minus the duct tape) option for your duct tape storage box projects! Check out this instructional video:

And this duct tape project is not limited to boxes and lids. Nope. We are thinking BIG here. So grab an old cup or two from your cupboard. Or you can purchase a few plastic ones. (Need I say where?…I should really pick up a job in marketing for the dollar store). You can then turn these empty vessels into super useful, super trendy organizational tools. Simply use your duct tape color/ pattern of choice to wrap around these babies and boom – you’ve got an awesome place to store your pens, pencils, scissors, markers, paper clips, and other nifty writing utensils. For another super thrifty, I’m-so-resourceful-and totally- planet-friendly idea, empty cans or used jars also work great. Just be sure to scoop out every last bit of that peanut butter before putting your beloved dollar-store pens in there. I don’t think Mr. Happy Face boss would keep that happy grin if he got his fingers on some sticky file folders. Just sayin’…

And as for you teachers out there, you may be asking what about those lovely treasures – the used staples, curled pencil shavings, twisted paper clips – that your students gleefully bring you each day? Well, there may not be an app for that – but with some duct tape and a small used jewelry box, you can make a pretty cool little storing place for these treasures without breaking your students’ hearts or making your desk resemble a garbage can.

Okay, no time to waste. You’ve got some organizing and taping to do. Just look at that smile on your face as you think of how awesomely cool and organized you are.

Oh yeah. Looking good.

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