It’s a Party ~ A Duct Tape Party!

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Few things can be more fun than inviting your friends and family over for a nice get together. Whether it be a casual dinner party, a themed costume party, or a special event such as a bridal shower or baby shower, these can make for some special memories!

…and also for some empty wallets.

Surely, planning a fun day or night can get costly. BUT with these awesome duct tape ideas, you can make your night fun, memorable, and simply duct-tastic without breaking the proverbial bank.

Here are some duct tape ideas for your use and enjoyment:

  1. Duct Tape Tablecloth:

You can dress up any plain tablecloth (costing from $1-$10 depending on where you shop and if your “dollar store” is a true dollar store – be careful, there are some who mascaraed themselves and you may have to spend two (gasp!) or even three (double gasp!) dollars on some items. Just a warning for you. You’re welcome.

So to begin this duct tape project, after purchasing your table cloth, simply find an attractive duct tape design which you would like to use. You may want to stick with a seasonal theme and use appropriate designs and colors. Soft colors are always pretty for a baby shower. The bride’s favorite color or a design that reminds you of her would be perfect for a bridal shower. Bright colors are great for game nights. Sports team colors would delight the hearts of your sports aficionado guests for a night of screaming at the television screen – uh, I mean for a delightful game-watching party.

Simply take the duct tape and make vertical or horizontal stripes (or both if you’re up for the challenge of a fun checkerboard look!) across the tablecloth. You will probably want to open the tablecloth to its full size and lay it on a large flat surface, to help keep your lines straight.

  1. Duct Tape Roses:

Decorations can be costly, but not with this duct tape project to the rescue. Simply use a design that would correlate nicely with your tablecloth duct tape and follow these instructions.

  1. Duct Tape Mason Jars:

Save the planet, reduce your clean-up time, and give your party guests a practical and fun gift with this neat duct tape project! First, find some empty mason jars – you can even be super-thrifty here and use jars you already have in your home. (Just wash them first please and thank you.) Next, decorate them with a single duct tape design of your choice, or maybe a variety to spice things up! Simply wrap the duct tape around the mason jar and ta-da – homemade artwork designed with love (hopefully).

These fun duct tape projects can be used at the party for drinks – goodbye, clean up! – and also sent home as souvenirs from your party. Yes, a souvenir. Because your party will be so very spectacular that every one will want a memory from it – something to cherish and use every day. Just think – years later, your party guests will be sippin’ lemonade on their back porch swing and thinking, “Wow, that (insert your name here), sure knows how to throw one heck of a duct tape party.”
But I digress…

Another option here is to leave the mason jars tape-less, and as your party guests arrive they can select the pattern of duct tape they would like for their personal souvenir. Display a few options that go along with the theme of your party and offer help if needed. This can be a great ice-breaker, let’s-be-jar-decorating-friends activity for parties where the guests may not all know one another.

If you’re up for spending a little more cash (just remember – you received by dollar store warning already), you can spring for some inexpensive stickers or other decorations to really jazz up those mason jars!

Swirly straws are fun too. Just sayin’…

Well, I think that’s enough partying for now.
Your party will be a great success with a little duct tape, a little style, a lot of fun, and these great duct tape ideas.

You’re welcome. 😉

I better receive an invite. 🙂

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Nicole Stevens
Nicole Stevens

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  1. UniqueSue says:

    What great ideas!!!! Love how each one can be used for so many occasions and even just for the seasons!!! Thank you!!!

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