Duct Tape Purse

Creativity can go a long way in making life easier and cheaper. Owning a brand new purse doesn’t have to begin with a trip to the store. You can easily make one using duct tape. The benefits of this is that you get the privilege to make it in your own design, color and size which is unlike ready made purses. The creativity involved is superbly unique. The more purses you make, the more new ideas you’ll get and the best thing about it is that you get to save a lot of money in the process. Making one will only take a few minutes.

To check out further fashion you can see some crazy things people are making with duct tape. They even win duct tape contests and win thousands of dollars.

To start with your own duct tape fashion you can follow these easy steps.
1. Get your favorite color of duct tape. You can get several duct tapes in multiple colors to make your project more colorful.

2. Cut 5 strips of equal length of the duct tape.

3. Neatly place the cut out strip flat on the table with the sticky sides facing up.

4. Now cut 5 more strips of equal length and carefully place them on top of each other in an over lapping manner. A bit of the sticky top part of the duct tape should be attached to the bottom sticky part of the strip laying above it. This will make the lining as smooth as the outer part.

5. Cut off the edges that are sticking out using a pair of sharp scissors. This will give it a clean cut.

6. You should be having cut edges of your fabric now that will allow you to fold it any way. Ensure that the fabric is proportional.

7. Cut another strip of duct tape and seal the raw edges to give it a smooth continuous feel all over. By now, you should be having a pouch.

8. In order to make it a clutch purse, you simply need to fold the pouch into half.

9. You need to put on a strap on the pouch if what you want is a handbag. For this, cut one more strip of the duct tape in the length that you want the handle to be.

10. Cut another strip of equal length and bring the two together with the sticky sides facing each other.

11. Finally, securely attach the straps to the inner edges of the pouch on each side using shorter pieces of the duct tape. That’s all.

(a) You can make the purse versatile, design it in a way that you can detach the straps if you want to use it as a clutch purse.
(b) Incorporate designs using duct tape on the front part of the purse to give it style. You can cut the design into a flower, shape. image or even initials. This will give it your own signature.

The number of strips is not limited to five, you can use more depending on how big you want the purse to be. The more the number of strips you use, the longer the purse will be. If you want the purse to be wider, you simply need to cut the strips longer. However, if you need it to be large increase the number of strips and their length.

If you’re still at a loss check out a kit to make your own duct tape purse.

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