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duct tape dress

It is very easy to make a duct tape dress although it may take some time depending on the complexity of the design and pattern. The article is going to explain the general steps to help you in making a beautiful duct tape dress. You can build things to compliment your regular dress too. Practice, practice, practice is the key.

How to make a duct tape dress

1. Gather your supplies.
The first step to take is to find a dress that you like. You can find the pattern you prefer by searching online or in a fabric store. You may also find other different patterns and take the different elements from the patterns you have chosen to make a unique creation of your own. After deciding on the pattern that you want, you need to buy rolls of duct tape. Decide which colors you’d like to use for your dress. You should also make sure that you buy enough rolls to produce the dress you want. You should start with 3-6 rolls of tape and be prepared to buy more if you need to. After having your duct tape, make sure that you have non-stick scissor that is ideal for working with the duct tape. This is because the scissors blades are coated with nonstick materials that enable the scissors to cut evenly without sticking.

The next step to take is to get a lightweight cotton fabric, old t-shirt, or old dress. Depending on how you decide to assemble your duct tape you may find it easier using fabric or an old dress to help you along. Using cotton fabric on the inside of the dress makes the duct dress simple to wear. After this, you need to clear a wide working space to help you construct your creation. Make sure you clean the surface of any dust that may stick on the tape. After cleaning the surface, find a stapler that can be used in securing the panels of the duct tape together. You may also ask your friend to help you to fit your dress.

Step 2: Making duct tape fabric panels Overlap 4-6 strips of tape approximately 18-24 inches long. You need to place each strip of the tape on the work surface with the sticky side facing up. Make sure you overlap them about a quarter or half an inch so that each strip gets to stick to the strip above it. The next step is to turn the strips vertically. Rotating this section of strips so that they are oriented vertically helps to reinforce your fabric as well as to make them stronger when you attach the additional strips of the tape. You also need to cover these strips with another 4-6 strips and make sure that you overlap the strips with the sticky side down so that the bottom strips are covered completely. Trim the sticky edges and make sure that the panels are enough for your project.

Step 3: Using a pattern to make a dress Cut out the pattern pieces from your dress pattern. After cutting these pattern pieces, you need to trace them on the duct tape fabric. Use the non-stick scissors to cut out the pattern pieces and remember to keep them together with the pattern pieces to help you remember which fabrics piece is which. You need to tape the pattern pieces together in the correct order for you to form your prom dress. If you have used the staples to hold the pieces together, remember to cover them with the tape.

Step 4: Making a basic dress form. Find a cheap thrift store dress and find a dress that is a little bigger than your size. Do not mind the color or if the dress has stains. This is because you are going to cover the whole dress with the tape. Get a helping hand from your friend to assist you to wrap the tape around your body. You need to wrap the tape around you ribs just under the chest. You do not need to worry if the fabric folds or wrinkles because it will be covered by the tape. Place the strips of the tape in a v shape across the chest and make another v shape across your back. After making the v shape on your back, place more stripes to cover the back and fold the edges of the tape over the neckline to make sure that the tape is wrapped into the inside of the dress. After this, start placing the tape stripes around the sides of the rib-cage as well as under the armpits so that to form the bodice of the duct tape dress. Place more strips over the shoulders and if the dress have sleeves, make sure that you cover them too. Continue to cover the rest of the chest with the tape stripes. After you are done covering the chest start placing the tape on your waist and hip area and make sure it is not too tight. You should make sure that you allow the tape to follow the curves of your body. The final step is to make a cut down the back center of the form. You can get help form a friend to assist you make a straight cut down at the center of the dress form. Once you have finished this and made sure it is the correct form size, you can use it as the base for your own design and tailor it to your own style.


This a great start with general guidelines. For a more thorough walk-through How to Make a Duct Tape Dress is a great place to get ideas and images to accompany your style.

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