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Duct Tape Prom Dress Winners

The duct tape prom competitions have helped many students to win over 250,000 dollars in scholarships in the last year. This has become one of the many private scholarship programs that have helped many students to pay for their collages fees outside of institutional and athletic scholarships. In these competition the students designs their own d formal wear out of the duct tape and a panel of judges choose ten finalists. After the judges choose the ten contestants, the contestant starts their campaign and urges the public to go online and vote for them.

For a couple to be eligible, they have to create their own duct tape prom outfits and then g to prom like that. The competition has been going on for some years now and each year the looks are becoming more amazing and the completion is gaining grounds. In this article we are going to review the top contestants of the stuck at duct tape prom dress scholarship competition.

If you’re interested you can even make your own duct tape dress. It’s a great place to get started.


The grand prize winners of duct tape prom dress contest were Mia and chandler. Nature and flowers inspired the couple’s outfits. The design as described by one of the contestant uncle was more of Wonka meets Todd Oldham 80’s/early 90’s” vibe. The couple used only solid colored duct tape making sure that the couple was able to make original patterns. The pants, dress and vest had a striped gradient that was also included in the pinstripes that were on the jacket.

duct tape prom dress

Another creative idea that the couple used was the tuxedo stripes that were repeated on the both sides of the dress and pants, the lapels of the jackets and at the back of the heels. These two individuals also used green details on the neckline of the dress using small rolls of duct tape patched together with more duct tape. The couple made the design seamless by making sure that the dress was taped shut both below and above the open back. It also included a corsage that was a metal wire with flowers and feathers attached. The outfit also included a bow tie that was a real tie- able tie and a dress that included an open back detail that had four separate layers double sided and cut out.

Both Mia and Chandler won sponsorship of $10, 000 each to help them pay their college education. The couple used different colored rolls of duct tapes. The colors included green, light blue and pink, red and yellow colors to make their outfit. The couple used a total of 39 rolls of duct tape and time of around 90 hours.


The second place winners were Bekah and Wyatt. The couple used 15 rolls of duct tape and about 175 hours to complete their project. Nature flowers and leaves also inspired their design. The couple decided choosing a design that would bring the patterns to life by choosing the gold color detail. The gold color main aim was to portray the true worth of the nature flowers and leaves. The couple brought their artistic talents when they decided to make the whole outfit including the shoes with solid colors that included black, gold, and white.

2nd prize winner for duct tape dress contest

For the couple to make an amazing design they drew and hand cut the detailed lace patterns which took time to assemble. The couple made everything in their outfits including the buttons on the suit and the lace on the dress from the duct tape. The boy’s outfit included a suite, pant, belt, shoes, bow tie, and a boutonniere that were purely made of the duct tape. The girls outfit included a dress, heels, hair flower as well as a corsage. The couple managed to create their own design and reached their goal of making an outfit that a couple or an individual can actually wear and go to prom.

Second Place Winners of the previous years

Ronnita and Joseph managed to scope the second position in the duct tape prom dress contest. The couple used 90 rolls of duct tape and around 400 hours to create their outfit. The couple was awarded with $3000 each to help them to pay their college education. The girls outfit was an original mermaid style design that was flamenco themed with a dress that was strapless sweetheart neck bodice that had over 400 layered chrome/gold/ prism tape studs with an additional gold/chrome braid on the back. The drop waist of the dress had gold tape swirls and studs. The outfit also included side diamonds that had 12 layers of chrome as well as a 3-D look prism on the top layer that included a five front diamond column and four back ones.

The outfit also had a large prism tape diamond above the white and gold designer paper that was well tucked below the thick Silver/gold tape braid that is fan shaped. The hip sash was edged with chrome braid and a clear tape that had gold braids that were twisted into design that included Prism diamonds and gold/chrome tape studs covered the back of the dress. The outfit included tuxedo pants shoes and jacket which were white with gold trim. The long train added elegance to the outfit. The bow tie as well as the vest had a mixture of chrome, gold and aqua designs. The corsage and boutonniere, earrings, fingernails, clutch and fingernails were covered in tape.

As stated before, the contest is becoming more famous and provide a very good platform for teens to display their creative designs and get a chance to win. The winners of the contests are determined after the judges tally the number of valid votes for each category. This means that the category that gets most votes wins the category prize. In addition to the potential monetary reward, the couples are able to say that they made their prom dress out of duct tape for the rest of their lives. The couples also get to have some unique prom photos to keep in their albums and be famous and one day they will look back and say that they rocked even in high school.

If you’re interested in making your own duct tape dress visit our MAKE YOUR OWN DUCT TAPE DRESS page. It’s a great place to get started.

You can learn more about this competition at Duck Tape Scholarship Competition.

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