3 Practical Duct Tape Projects You Can Do Today

duct tape projects

Do you need a place to store your mobile phone while charging that’s cheap and easy to make yourself? Do you want to personally pimp up your mobile’s cover? You can make it into anything you want. Re-purpose an old notepad you have lying around? Below are a few projects to fix these small problems. Here are a few tips to help as well.

Duct tape projects can be so easy. This is the charm of this type of craft. Once you make something and make your life a little better you can move onto the next project. Once you have a decent amount of cool crafts you can organize them and throw your own duct tape party.

Here are just a few small projects that can make your life a little easier. These small projects can be done in just a few hours. As always this can be as fun as you want based on the style of tape you apply to your projects.

Project Tip #1 to Build Your Own Phone Case:
You can lay the same style or add multiple patterns to make something crazy. Whatever you like this duct tape project goes with you everywhere. This is definitely one to show off your crafty skills.

Project Tip #2 to Build Your Own Phone Pocket:
We’ve noticed the best way to pull this one off is if you lay a color or pattern. Then add a different type of tape on the border of the opening of the pocket. Also flip the phone upside down so you don’t pinch the wire.

Project Tip #3 to Build Your Own Book Cover:
Turn any book into any other kind of book. If you get graph paper book label it a notebook. If you get a notebook label it your doodle pad. The possibilities here are endless too. Choose a different type of tape for the border of the book to make it aesthetically pleasing too.


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duct tape crafts


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