Learn Duct Tape Crafts

Here you can find instructional guides on how to make some cool duct tape crafts like a duct tape wallet. These are a rising challenge and people are diving into learning how to make these cool creations.

As a kid, I wanted to learn how to make some cool duct tape crafts. However, I lacked the know-how and no one to point me in the right direction. This site is the guide I wish I had. I give it to you to learn and grow in your craft.

The sky is the limit with creations. If you make things for fun be experimental. Use crazy combinations. Find color pallets on Pinterest and base your color choices off of a cool nature photo you’ve found. You can even paint the tape to a color you have lying around that you’re not using. So your creations could match the room they could be decorating.

Making $Bling$

If wanted to make crafts for money you can focus on what people are buying. Check out pop culture. Take a look at what’s trending and create logos and icons based on those things. The best way to sell crafts like this is online. Once you’ve chosen a trendy theme try mixing up the colors. Change it up to make your product unique. You could match products like a purse and a wallet together for a couple.

A great site to start selling is on Etsy.com.

duct tape crafts


If you want to sell things that aren’t so branded I suggest to use the color blue in your tape.

Blue is the universal selling color. Blue and red combo to be specific.

Also, you could write cool phrases on your product to make it inspirational too.

And that’s it. If you want to learn some cool techniques check out some of the projects you can make and some of the more crazy things people have made on this site.

Here is just a short list of some things you could make with duct tape:

Belt – you can actually make some fashionable belt out of duct tapes with cool patterns. Just stack the duct tape atop one another to make a thick belt and add some belt clasp to secure it.

Box – use your old boxes again and give it a new face by decorating it with colorful duct tapes. Cover the outside and inside of the box to make it sturdier and waterproof inside it. Not only will your old shoebox look like new, it will keep for a longer period of time too.

Earrings – if you are somewhat a fashionista and you want some fashion accessory that is different, duct tape earrings might be your next project. All you have to do is recycle some old pair of earrings and make it waterproof by covering it with colorful duct tape. You can also buy some ear hooks available on craft stores and start from scratch.

Floor decoration – there’s really no such thing as floors made up of duct tape but you can make your floors waterproof and fancier than being plain looking by covering it with patterned duct tapes. Of course, you may also use plain colored duct tapes but you can alternate it with other colors to give your floors a better look.

Flower gift topper – tired of gift ribbons? Why not try something new like a flower gift topper? But instead of buying expensive ones on the mall, you can create your own using duct tape. All you have to do is cut the duct tape into petals and arrange it together to become a flower. You can use other duct tape colors if you’re not a fan of the subtle gray duct tape.

Party and house decoration – given that duct tape is available in many different colors, you can use it easily as a decoration on your walls and even as decorative accents if you have a party planned. You can use colorful duct tape to make wall decors, banners, table runners, and streamers. They can be used to decorate your house too, especially if you want a no-fuss wall décor that is very easy to use.

Pouch or purse – one of the best features of a duct tape is that it’s waterproof. This is also one of the reasons why duct tape is a good material to use if you’re thinking of having a waterproof pouch or purse. All you have to do is have a base for the pouch or purse and wrap duct tape around it. You can also create one with a zipper to secure it.

Ribbons and bow – another great and simple duct tape craft that you can do is the duct tape bow or ribbon. Just cut some duct tape and stick each side together so there will be no sticky side visible. After that, pinch the middle to make it a ribbon and secure it again with a little piece of duct tape.

Wallet – let the kids have fun by engaging them with duct tape crafts like a duct tape wallet. With just a simple pattern cut out of cardboard, you will be able to create beautiful wallets by mixing up different duct tape patterns and covering the cardboard wallets. Just mix and match the colors you like and voila! You’ll have a customized duct tape wallet in no time.

Aside from these projects, there are still plenty of crafts that you can do using duct tapes like picture frames, luggage tags, tailgating flags, centerpieces, gift bags, and etc. If you want to know more about duct tape products and other cute DIY projects like these, just visit our blog for more information and articles on how-tos with duct tape crafts.